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Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji - Japanese Names Dictionary

Roman Alphabet(Romaji):



Kanji & Images

(n) strong/just/right/love of peace
(n) virtue

(n) correct/save/assist

(adj-na,adv,n) direct/in person/soon/at once/just/near by/honesty/frankness/simplicity/cheerfulness/correctness/being straight/night duty

(n,n-suf) status/character/case

(n) (logical) true/regular
(n) healthy/correct

(n) official rank

(n) end (e.g., of street)/edge/tip/margin/point

(suf) place/rank

(conj) but/however/provided that

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kageyoshi toshimasa tenzi daen kamiki kyoudukue kouzokuki bouami soimu