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Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji - Japanese Names Dictionary

Roman Alphabet(Romaji):



Kanji & Images

(n) sect

(n) conception/idea/thought
(n) start/originate

(n) chastity/fidelity/honour/honor/faith

(pref) together/mutually/fellow

(suf) counter for (small) boats

(n,n-suf) layer/seam/bed/stream/class
(n) (1) cistern/bath/tank/chamber/(2) bunker (coal)/(3) cell (electrical)/(4) vessel

(n) monk/priest
(v5u,vi) to suit/to meet/to satisfy/to marry/to accompany/to be added to/to be adjusted to

(v5u) to run along/to follow

(v5u) to accompany/to become married/to comply with

(n) feel pain/suffer

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