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Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji - Japanese Names Dictionary

Roman Alphabet(Romaji):



Kanji & Images

(n) happiness/luck
(n) (abbr) lance (shogi)

(n) hollow/cavity/hole

(n) quantity/amount/volume/number/amount of money
(n) (food) apricot/apricot tree

(n) 1st in rank/first sign of the Chinese calendar/shell/instep/grade A
(n) filial piety

(n) Pleiades
(n) interest/entertainment/pleasure
(n,adj-na) (1) workman/artisan/mechanic/carpenter/(2) craft/skill/(3) means/idea
(n) happiness/wish/fortune
(n) rainbow

(n) manuscript/version/draft

(n) season/weather

(n,n-suf) marquis/lord/daimyo

(pref) anti-
(n) efficacy/benefit/efficiency/effect/result/success
(n) nape/nucha

(n,vs) love/tender passion

(n,n-suf) -school/proof

(v5u-s,vt) to ask/to request/to invite

(n) threat/long ages

(v5u-s,vt) to ask/to request/to invite

(n) body cavity

(v5u,vt) to be in love

(n) same kind/compare with

(adv,int) (uk) this/thus/such/verbal pause

(n) boorish/urgent

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kyoumasu sumikama iyashime yobousesshu akatan irusu chiryouin